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"I've personally helped over 2000 companies of all sizes in their business development!" - Mel

As an MLM Consultant for over a decade, it's been my crusade to bring humanity & reality into the world of MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Affiliate, and Viral Marketing.

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I can help put your business on the track!

  • A personal hands-on approach to every client!

  • Solid real world corporate MLM Business Solutions

  • Support, Ideas, and Assistance

  • Complete Vision & Mission Development

  • Professional Internet & Marketing options

  • Tools for even the least internet savvy individual

  • Enterprise MLM Software assistance

  • Compensation Plan Design & Review

  • Unique approach to every business

It's hard to find the right blend of experience and cutting-edge understand that can be clearly applied in today's cyber world.  As a successful top recruiter, business builder, and trainer in multiple MLM businesses; combined with my corporate operations, technical, sales and marketing back-ground I'm able to bring just the right balance of fresh perspective and proven business savvy.

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BIO: Mel is a proven veteran of the Marketing Industry and has spent over 10 years developing, consulting, executing, and implementing business & marketing strategies on and off-line. He has held various positions with MLM Companies as both a corporate officer and as a consultant. He is a published author, public trainer, motivational speaker and private mentor. 

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