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Call me Naive...

Call me naive, but I still believe in the TRUE American Dream: Everyone regardless of their background can control their life (Health, Spirit, Time, and Finances).

Years ago I was introduced to a concept that changed my life forever, leverage.  Leverage is a concept of empowerment.  A concept that businesses have used for centuries to become rich at the expense of the hard working class. 

(I want to let you in on a secret that employers don't want you to know... if they paid you what your are really worth, it is no longer worth it for them to pay you.  This is because they make their money off of a service or product that their company provides, which you contribute to.  The more they pay you the less they make when selling their product or service.  So they pay you as little as possible.)

Companies leverage your time to make them money.  They pay you to do something that they can then sell for more than what it costs to produce... that is how they make a profit.

The problem with this is that you are trading your time for money, and because you have a limited amount of time there is only a limited amount of money you can make.  A few examples that might be help you understand this. 

EXAMPLE: Working 9-6 (with a 1 hour lunch) you have 8 hours you can get paid.  If you earn $15 an hour the most you can hope to earn in one day is $150.  Over one month with an average of 22 workable days each month you earn $3300 before taxes (about $2800 after taxes.)   How do you make more money?  Over Time?  Second Job?  Shift Work?

EXAMPLE 2: A Salary.  So you get paid $3300 a month flat... and get to take home about $2800 a month... but, now they've got you... Free over time, free shift work but you typically get some paid days off and better benefits.  How do you make more money?  Or... Can you?

(I wont go into any more on this subject, but I would suggest visiting Article 10.  Modern Day Slavery)

So, you're trapped?  You have bills...  Your Time is limited... Your Income is limited, too.  So, control of your Time and your Finances become impossible.  You become frustrated with never really getting ahead and your Spirit starts to suffer... over time you become extremely stressed... and your Health now begins to suffer.

All this because you work a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke).

Leverage is the key to breaking this cycle!  Finding a way to get paid over and over on a single amount of effort, a way to get paid from the efforts of others, a way to own your own business, a way to control your life...

It's okay... Dream!  Dream all you want...  

DREAMS are what bring back Hope... 

HOPE is what drives Vision... 

VISION is what Makes Things Happen!

You must first find the vehicle that will stimulate those dreams, encourage hope, and create vision!!!  My journey has been just that... to find the vehicle that will offer the average person a chance to control their life (Health, Spirit, Time, and Finances).

Today as you read this there are thousands of people who have had their dreams stimulated, their hope invigorated, and vision fulfilled through Network Marketing.  A Vehicle that empowers participants when executed properly, but unfortunately can devastate in the hands of the self-serving.

You can be sure that there is nothing else out there that offers the leverage capability, the true ability to free people, and the life changing effects of NWM.  Thus, you are stuck with a difficult decision...  You have to find a way, a common criteria, a list of requirements, a basic frame work  to evaluate, sift, and sort through the many hundreds of NWM companies that could potentially offer you the REAL chance to control your life.

I did a bit of the foot work for you... Please CLICK HERE.

Good Luck on your Journey,
Mel Atwood

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