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(Netrepreneur 101) Find that Something!

Earlier today Kim Rivera-Wilcox emailed me and ended her email with this, Tell me all, o wise one! I need to learn everything. I sat back for a minute and had a bit of a chuckle. I wonder if I even know everything? And although I have had a good deal of success I often think that most of it should be credited to a higher being. But, in response to her email I wrote this (and I wanted to share it with you):

WOW! Were to start...

About 6000 BC a guy had a whole bunch of coconuts. (I know you are about to quit reading thinking, "This guy has lost it." Just keep reading.) So, this guy... lets call him Bill, needed some bamboo. Fred had more bamboo than he needed, but had no coconuts. Bill gives Fred some coconuts in exchange for some bamboo and thus started 'FREE TRADE'. Free Trade is by definition what each of us is shooting for on the Internet. So, the relevance of this is basic to the whole concept of Business.

Free Trade over the years has taken lots of forms... currency was developed in place of actually trading of commodities. However, the concept never changed. From that first trade people have tried to develop ways of securing for themselves as much of the Currency or Commodities or Property as possible. Over the years this struggle has become more and more defined. We often hear The rich keep getting richer, while the poor keep getting poorer. This age-old colloquialism will become clearer further down.

THE QUESTION WE ALL ASK OURSELVES: How can I trade what I have for $ and then not spend all my $ getting what I need to survive? Or how can I get enough $ to exist with an XYZ lifestyle?

The Internet has made the ability for this process to happen at a lot larger level... but is that really good? The problem is that there are SO MANY trying to get your $ to attain the XYZ lifestyle they want, that many just drown in debt and bills trying to figure out a way to just survive.


If there was an easy answer to end this saga... I would be rich. Now, don't get me wrong I am not entirely cynical about the whole process... of course this is how I make my living. However, we all have to understand that the FOUNDATION of a 'Free Trade' community/society is the MOVEMENT of PRODUCTS. 

Now... here is where I do get cynical. How am I going to get you to buy my product without 'SELLING' anything? LOL... I can't recall how many times I have heard the phrase 'I am not a sales person' or 'I can't sell' or 'I don't want to sell anything'. Each of these phrases being said by someone SEARCHING, even DESPERATELY SEARCHING for a way to make money online or just make money period.

The bottom-line: SELLING is the only way to make money. If you are not selling something (Trading Dollars for a Product/Service), then you are not EVER... NEVER EVER... going to earn any $$$.

FINDING A SOLUTION: I currently market and sell software, training, consulting, hosting, website development, and other products up and coming business owners need. However, never once relying on any one source to carry all my financial needs/wants/desires. I have developed a NETWORK of Multiple Streams of Income.

It has taken almost 5 years of constant work to finally start seeing a nice residual and linier income develop. NOTHING is make money QUICK... and NOTHING is make money without INVESTMENT.

Building a foundation is like making bread... you have to add in all the ingredients ... let it rise... when the dough is made... then you can make bread. 

Time + Dough = Bread (The answer to Why the Rich get Richer. They have the Dough to make more Bread.)

Time + Work + Some Money = More Money

Nothing is FREE... nothing is QUICK. And unfortunately a lot of those who are making money online are doing it by telling people that they can make A LOT OF QUICK $$$ FOR FREE... it's simply a lie!

Again It's about the sale of product... the MOVEMENT of PRODUCT. So... the paid to surf, paid to read, paid to XYZ programs... although they have their place, there is no real $$$ in them. The MLM arena is filled with Pyramid and Ponzi scams... so it's hard to find a REAL company you can market a REAL product with... and make any REAL money. They do exist (you can trust me on this one!)... you have to know what to look for. Also, many affiliate programs often offer a realistic commission for making sales or directing traffic to their site.

TAKING THE FIRST STEP: You have to have something that someone else wants... and then find those Someones who will buy that something.

Step 1- Find that Something
Step 2- Find that Someone 
Step 3- Sell that Something to that Someone 

Easier said than done... but those are the basics. If anyone makes it harder than that... they are trying to make a BUCK off you. Most people start off by saying I want to make money working online but I Dont want to spend any money, I Dont want to sell, I Dont want to XYZ. I can tell you that with each I Dont Want To they add one more reason they will never make any significant income working on the Internet.

To start with think about what you WANT to do not what you DONT WANT to do. What is it you know about? What is it you like? What is it you Enjoy? 

Define what it is you have a
PASSION for search out Like Minded People with the same PASSION Start to network develop relationships create Joint Ventures develop a business concept take the steps needed to implement the concept Market your new venture start making sales start earning an income

And... that is Netrepreneur 101. 

Good Luck on your Journey,
Mel Atwood

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