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3 Steps to Victory in any Home Business

There are 3 distinct and important parts of a business. Each has its own steps and each has its own purpose. 

First - Prepare; by defining success, by developing a database, and by setting incremental goals that will guide you to success. 

Second - Implement; through setting appointments, through sharing information, through following up, and through duplicating success. 

Third - Duplicate; through Management, through Support, and through Tools.

Prepare - Often time people get caught up in the comfort of preparation. It's easy to stay in your comfort zone. However, if you do, success will never be achieved. Preparing, although extremely important, is a dangerous habit to form. You must be careful not to get caught in the cycle of preparation.

1- Defining Success
In order to achieve success you must first define what success is. Success isn't something you just arrive at one day. It is something that you have set in stone, a destination of sorts that once you reach it you have obtained Success. What is it that defines Success for you? For some it may be paying for a wonderful product or service, and then again for another it may be a residual income of $10 thousand dollars a month. No matter what your definition of success one thing is for sure, without a destination to guide you along in you business you will never achieve any measurable of success. What is your 'Why'? Why is it you are doing this? What do you want from it? How are you going to get it? Who are you going to ask? Which brings me to my next point.

2- Developing a Database
You must next develop a database. A data base of names that you will start working from as you start your business is essential in knowing who you will help you in developing you business. (In my business I tell my people they can't start until they have at least 50 -100 names on their database.) You can collect these by going over your wedding list, old year books, address books, and by using the headings in the Yellow Pages to ask 'Who do I know who is an Accountant?" "Who needs one?" "Who wants to be one?", etc. Once the list is started we can add to it and work from it by placing classified ads, meeting new people, mailing lists, card decks, and having an internet presence.

You'll need to find a source of good solid quality leads to add to your database once you have gone through your personal database.  We recommend www.ePowerLeads.com.

3- Setting Incremental Goals
It is also important to set little goals that will take you step by step to the ultimate definition of success. This can be enrolling 2 new people a month or sharing information with 10 new people a week or just approaching with 2 new people a day about the idea of a home business or creating an extra income. What ever it is set incremental goals that will drive you to your Success.

I often hear people say that they just don't have time. Well the fact is we all have the same amount. It's just how you use it. In preparing to do a business you have to set 'Store Hours'. This is the time that you will spend working your new business. Will it be 2-4 hrs a week? 4-8? 8-12? 12-20? Or more then 20 hours? Okay, 4-8. So, when will you spend those hours? On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for 2 hours a day sounds good. And when on those days will you work? From 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM is fine.

You know what your headed for; who your going to ask to help you; what your going to accomplish every day, week, and month; and when you are going to do it. Now your ready to start working. Lets get started...

Implement - There are 4 activities that will impact the growth and stability of your business the most:

1- Setting Appointments
If you never set an appointment, you will never enroll anyone, and if you never enroll anyone you will never achieve success. Setting an appointment can be to just find out what they thought of your "Free Report" or the video or e-mail you sent. It is very important to establish a set time to communicate directly with a prospect.

2- Sharing information
You can do this either at the appointment you set or by mailing them, e-mailing them information, or by sending them to your Web Site. The information you want to get them is information they want. Make sure you aren't dumping a bunch of information on them that they aren't looking for. Share with them the entirety of what you offer in a paragraph or less. Let them ask questions from there and answer concisely and quickly. This is their time in the spot light not yours. You have two ears and one mouth... use that ratio wisely in building a business.

3- Following up
85% of success happens after the 5th contact yet less than 10% even make more than 2. Timing in peoples lives is a big thing. Just because what you are offering now isn't right for them NOW doesn't mean it wont be right later. BTW, that doesn't mean call them every day for 5 days in a row and they'll join. It means periodically (about 2-3 months) see how they are doing and if there is anything you can do to help them out. Tell them how you are doing with the business. DON'T PUSH... and leave it at that. Wait another 2-3 months and do it again. Chances are on the 6th or 7th time you tell them you check just got bigger, they'll ask you to share more information.

4- Duplicating
Once you have your very first team member you MUST take them through these steps too. Get them started right. Take them through the preparation phase and into the implementation phase. Train them! Support them! Help them! REMEMBER: Your success is in direct proportion to their success.

Duplicate - Helping others accomplish the same level of success you have is what pushes you and your income to the next level. Often forgot but ever important is that your groups success directly impacts your success. Help them reach their goals. Help them be successful and you too will obtain your own Success. 

1- Management
You must in part move into a managerial roll in this phase of your business. We're talking 20% - 30% of your time should be dedicated to training, supporting, and helping your group; while the other 70% - 80% should remain as building you business, and finding others to join your group. 

2- Support 
For most people the 9-5 jail cell and the almighty boss has programmed them to be accountable to someone else for their actions. The boss tells them to do something and they do it or get disciplined, they show up for work every day on time or they get disciplined. It's hard for most people to then move into a mostly unstructured, relaxed, and free schedule of doing what they want when they want. This is where procrastination creeps in and destroys hope before it can bloom. As their coach/trainer/teacher/friend you must be patient, understanding, and helpful while being systematic, firm, and strict. Remember this is their business, but that just because they are in business for them selves doesn't mean they are in business by themselves.

You need to assume the roll of Guide and allow them to be accountable to you (to begin with). I'm not saying you will be babysitting, in fact, not at all. I ask my team to voluntarily give me permission to 'aggressively' help them pursue their goals. The difference is this is their ball game and I am just the umpire. I set up the structure that helps them achieve their goals and have a winning game. The hardest part in your business isn't getting started or finding people who will listen to your message. It is once you have found them and they have joined your business to see that they have all they need to succeed. I heard once that a new enrollee losses interest in their new business at 4% a day unless actively engaged in it and achieving some amount of success. That means that if you are not in constant contact with those in your business you will spend all your time finding new people to fill the holes of those who just dropped out. REMEMBER: Your success is in direct proportion to their success.

3- Tools
Through the tools available for helping your team grow your business will develop and duplicate more quickly. A few tools that are great for helping you manage and support your team are: Your up-line - Voice Mail - A Success system - Support E-mail Discussion List - Group Meetings either in person or through Internet technology - Group Internet Site for up to date information about your team - A Monthly Report that shows the growth and expansion of your team.

Remember the three phases of a networking business. Preparation (saddling the horse), Implementation (ridding the horse), and Duplication (teaching others to ride). If one of these steps is missed, the likely hood of success in any degree is unlikely and mostly impossible.

You have heard that "Faith without works is dead" so to "Excitement and vision without Action is dead." It is true that "What the mind will conceive and believe it will achieve. And what you confess most will come to pass," but without a plan of Preparation, Implementation, and Duplication those conceptions and beliefs will never come to pass.

Good Luck on your Journey,
Mel Atwood

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