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My Companies & Projects

While the word "Projects" could mean a lot of things... like my 1975 & '76 IHC Scout II 4x4 or my various hobbies and collections... in all fairness to you this section will be devoid of these "personal projects" and will be just my dabbling here on the web.  My Blog -> Click Here

I have over 100 different domain names and websites in my network of personal and business sites.  From hair-brained, fun, and silly sites to eCommerce driven or corporate solutions websites and companies.  The focus is YourSolutions.net, LLC.

YourSolutions.net, LLC is the largest and most complex of my projects... and to be 100% upfront, it started off as just that... a project.  Today YourSolutions.net, LLC is one of the largest MLM Consulting and Internet Marketing firms that exists!  Nifty little project huh?

Well, it's more than a project now and it really embodies the entirety of the ongoing search for and development of solutions for companies and individuals in the Internet & MLM verticals.  Under the umbrella of YourSolutions.net, LLC I and my team are continually developing innovative solutions to an ever changing marketing arena.

The YourSolutions.net, LLC Group

Envex Developments - Envex is a complete Enterprise MLM Software and Custom Software company concentrating on quality and innovative software development specifically for the MLM industry. Envex Developments produces state of the art MLM software solutions that continually set standards in the industry.

WebTech2k.com  - We know that no one can reach success without a duplicable system, and consistent regular contact/follow-up with prospects. For the 90% our system does all of this (and more) to ensure a level playing ground for everyone.

ePowerLeads.com - This is your Lead Generation source for Premium Surveyed Real Time Leads. Our MLM Leads are fresh, responsive, and definitely interested in pursuing a Home Based Business... by far the hottest Business Opportunity Leads available anywhere!

ABSOLUTEbyDesign.com - Implementing a web strategy is more than just designing a pretty picture and writing some words on it. It's a multi-step process that we've developed after years of building sites and creating solutions for hundreds of clients.

myPowerHosting.com - Reliable 99.99% uptime web site hosting (pricing starts at an incredible $2/month) from any class of business.  Dedicated servers for company projects are available on the most secure infrastructure available anywhere! 

Partial Project List:

MLMgurus.com - I took the same concepts I've used over and over to help Mega Multi-Million Dollar Corporate MLM's generate HUGE success and I'm creating a system that EVERYONE can use regardless of your specific MLM - Affiliate Business
or the products or services that your business markets!

TheSystem101.com - A no brainer training system now part of MLM Gurus... and always a work in progress.

Sweet4x4.com - as an enthusiast of 4x4 OHV, I created a site that anyone can use to put up a profile of their personal Sweet 4x4.

GrannyMarketing.com -  A concept I feel defines marketing system success.

iTalkSimply.com - A Client to Client Video Conferencing system

TheRealWiFi.com - A WiFi bubble project

h-i-c-k.com - My answer to the BBB.

DiscardYourBox.com -  Not up yet

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